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This Point-Soldering Machine, made of thick cast iron, is designed especially for high temp. soldering up to 300oC.

It is suitable for soldering transformers, DE soldering for through hole components, connector etc.

The flow nozzle can be changed when a partial soldering or removing. There is no need to clean away the dioxides during operation. Special flow nozzles can be made required.

Point Soldering Machine Features

  • Solder pot material is made of special casting iron.
  • Duct and nozzle is made of SUS 316L.
  • Nozzle can be customized.
  • Solder wave height can be adjusted.
  • Time of flow wave can be set.
  • Temperature is controlled by PID and SSR.
  • Two methods of flow waves: continuous and time-controlled.
  • Work bench is anti static electricity.
Model: 120 F
Power Req.
AC 220V 1phase
3 kw
Solder Capacity
16 kg
Flow Wave Motor
25 W
Operating Temp.
Warm-up Time
Approx 30 min (250°C)
615x260x300 mm
Net Weight
30 kg