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Automatic Small Wave Soldering System C250
Compact & Economy Designed
Best in Class Lead Free performance with compact 4' footprint, saves valuable floor space...
Solder tank contains 98kg only

Automatic Small Wave Soldering System C350
Compact & economy designed for PCB width Max. 350mm
Solder tank contains 158kg only

Wave Soldering System 1400DF

Preheater Length:1400mm
PCB width: Max.350mm
1400DF-500: For PCB width size Max. to 500mm.
1400DF-700: For PCB width size Max. to 700mm
1400FX: Special design with vertical up-down
                 long lead dip components soldering

Wave Soldering System 1800DH
Preheater Length:1800mm
PCB width: Max. 350mm

Automatic Spray Fluxer

Easy to operate by touch panel controller.
Auto feeder pump & level sensor to keep the flux level stable.
Special nozzle provideuniform flux coating.
Upper & lower exhaust nozzle to reduce the return shower.

Iron Soldering Pot
There are rectangular and round soldering pots, which are both suitable for leadfree soldering.||||and control box are designed separately.

Fluxer Controller

Automatic controller that control flux density with ratio control technology, capable of supplying flux and thinner automatically. The accuracy can up to 0.002. Best solution for high quality soldering

Automatic Conveyor

Digital readout for conveyor speed.
•  Ruler for rail width.
•  Rail angle scale.
•  All aluminum frame structure.
•  Easy to adjust and operate.