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C350 Lead Free Soldering Machine - Compact Design, Low Operation Cost

Specially Coated 150 kg Solder Pot Includes Three Year Replacement Warranty
The C350 includes a seamless, cast-iron solder pot with a specially formulated, corrosion resistant coating and is covered by a full three-year replacement warranty. In keeping with the C350's compact design, the solder pot, despite its ample 350 mm width, has a modest 150 kg capacity, reducing overall startup costs and contributing to its low cost of ownership. High-efficiency heaters, combined with the pot's small volume, considerably reduce startup time and consume much less energy, but more importantly reduce oxidation and dross formation. Another unique feature of the C350 system (like the C250) is that the solder pot and wave assembly easily slide out from the rear of the unit onto an extendable platform for easy loading and maintenance.

Single- or Dual-Wave Configurations to Suit Any Wave Soldering Application
The C350 is supplied as standard in a single-wave configuration for conventional through-hole assemblies, but for minimal additional cost can also be supplied as a dual-wave system for surface mount and mixed technology boards. Dual-wave technology often provides improved hole penetration and reduced bridging on difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies and therefore makes the dual-wave configuration very popular. If necessary, the chip wave in dual-wave systems can easily be deactivated through the installation of a nozzle cover plate included with this option. Wave height control is dial-adjustable to a maximum height setting of 10 mm (.39") and the wave pump motor, with on/off control activated by optical board sensors on the conveyor, is also protected by low temperature and overheat alarms.

Adjustable Fiber-Finger Conveyor and IR Preheater Allow Precise Lead-Free Profiling
The C350 Wave Soldering System includes a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, fiber-finger conveyor system with variable speed up to 2 m/min (79"/min). Conveyor angle (3-6) and width are easily-adjustable to accommodate PCBs from 30 mm to 350 mm (1.2" to 10"). A chain-driven, pin-type inlet conveyor is included as standard and allows easy loading of assemblies and smooth transfer into the conveyor fingers. After flux application, a 600 mm IR preheater uses stainless-steel sheath-type heaters to raise PCBs and components to manufacturers' recommended temperatures for proper activation of VOC-Free and Lead-Free fluxes. The IR preheat zone is enclosed in a stainless steel internal housing, with a temperature resistant, dual-layer, glass hood, for increased thermal stability.

Innovative Drum-Spray Fluxing System Included As Standard Equipment
Our revolutionary Drum-Spray Fluxing Technology, included as standard equipment with C350 systems, combines the simplicity of a foam fluxer with the precision of a spray fluxing system. Its simple, innovative design is extremely easy to set up and maintain and is just one more example of a feature we've added to contribute to the C350's low cost of ownership. As shown in the diagram below, the Drum-Spray nozzle is positioned as close to the bottom of the PCB as possible and precisely applies flux in a thin vertical knife pattern across the full width of the board as it passes over the rotating drum. This method has been shown to provide more uniform application and less flux waste than systems that utilize small nozzles mounted to a reciprocating motor drive below the PCB. An adjustable mask is used to control the width of the spray pattern and optical sensors provide on/off control of the spray mechanism.