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C350 Lead Free Soldering Machine - Compact Design, Low Operation Cost

Corrosion-Resistant, Low-Volume, Seamless Solder Pot
The C350 includes a specially-coated, seamless, cast-iron solder pot that includes a three-year replacement warranty. Supplied as standard in a single-wave configuration, the C350 is also available as a dual-wave system to accommodate both conventional and surface mount assemblies. While the C350 can accommodate full-size PCBs with its generous 350 mm wave width, the C350 solder pot has a relatively modest 150 kg capacity, resulting in a low start-up cost.

Solder Pot Handling System Allows Easy Loading and Maintenance
When the solder pot access panel on the rear of the unit is opened, the support legs (shown folded for storage at left) drop down and lock in place. The high-temperature, seamless solder pot and pump assembly can then slide out onto the access panel which now serves as a handy platform for easy loading and maintenance.

Innovative Drum-Spray Fluxing System is Easy to Use and Maintain
C350 systems include our unique drum-spray fluxer as standard equipment. Drum-Spray Fluxing Technology applies flux in a thin vertical knife pattern across the full width of the board as it passes over the rotating drum. This method has been shown to provide more uniform application and less flux waste than other spray methods and is also easier, and less costly, to operate and maintain.

Corrosion-Resistant, Fiber Finger Conveyor and Pin-Type Input Mechanism
The C350 fiber-finger conveyor easily adjusts to accommodate boards from 30 mm to 350 mm (1.2" to 13.75") and will not be degraded by the high temperatures or corrosivity of lead-free solders. The chain-driven, pin-type inlet conveyor (included as standard) adjusts in unison with the finger conveyor and allows for easy loading of assemblies and smooth transfer into the fiber fingers.

Stainless-Steel Sheath-Type IR Preheater for Flux Activation
After flux application, the C350's 600 mm standard PID-controlled IR preheater uses stainless-steel sheath-type heaters to raise PCBs and components to manufacturers' recommended temperatures for proper activation of VOC-Free and Lead-Free fluxes.

Enclosed Preheat Chamber for Increased Temperature Stability
The C350 preheater is enclosed in a stainless steel inner housing with a hinged, temperature resistant, dual-layer, glass hood, for increased thermal stability.
High-Quality Construction Designed for Low Cost of Ownership and Easy Maintenance
The C Series Lead-Free Wave Soldering Systems are designed to meet the reliability standards of the Japanese electronics market and are built to the highest standards of quality at our factory in Taiwan. As shown in this photo, all of the C350's major system components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance through a single hinged upper panel. Dial-adjustable wave height and conveyor speed controls are located below the intuitive, LCD touch-panel user interface.