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C250 Lead Free Soldering Machine - Compact Design, Low Operation Cost

Main construction: lnlet Belt Conveyor, Foaming Fluxer, Pre-heater, Single Wave(C250-SW) or Daul Wave Soldering(C250-DW) Bath, Finger Chain Conveyor, Control System

Inlet rail conveyor
Pre-heatering: 420mm length

Single bath-250C-SW
Double bath--250C-DW

Cast iron,high-temp.

solder pot visible in this photo.
Built-in, easy-to-use control panel
Pre-heater ON/OFF Switch
Pre-heater Temp. Controller
Solder Pot Heater ON/OFF Switch
Solder Pot Temp. Controller
Wave ON/OFF Switch
Wave Height Setting Knob
Conveyor ON/OFF Switch
Conveyor Speed Setting Knob
Safety Device

Emergency Stop Switch Button

Foam Fluxer system

The spray volume and pressure can be adjusted for each PCB's
High Temp. Engineering fiber finger & Finger Chain conveyor 

Finger conveyor eliminates the
expense and time cost of using pallets and will not wear out from the high temperatures required for lead-free solders

Quickly raise and lower the conveyor, or roll the solder pot in or out. 
Built –in Cleaning work frame for easy access to the high-temperature cast solder pot.

Option: PLC control system
Option: Drun Spray Fluxer

1. Adjust Handle of Finger width (pcb width)
2. Spray Volume Controller
3. Emergency Switch
4. Weekly Timer
5. Handle of Solder Pot Roll IN/Out
6. Adjust Handle of Rail Angle 
7. Touch Pannel Controller
8. Soder Pot Wave Controller
9. Conveyor Speed Controller
10. Exhaust Pipe for Spray Fluxer
11. Exhaust Connector for Spray Fluxer
12. Exhaust Connector for Solder Pot