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C250 Lead Free Soldering Machine - Compact Design, Low Operation Cost

C250 Series wave solder machine is available with dual waves for mixed technology (through-hole + SMT) processing or with a single wave for through-hole only. Stand is included. It has everything you need to get started with lead-free solders: high-temp finger conveyor, foam fluxer, 16.5" of preheating power, high-temp solder pot, built-in controls, and stand.

An upgrade to spray fluxer and touch-screen computer control is also available.

Finger conveyor eliminates the expense and time cost of using pallets and will not wear out from the high temperatures required for lead-free solders. Heating coils and cast, high-temperature solder pot also visible.


A rear panel drops open, allowing the supporting legs, shown folded for storage (L), to deploy, allowing the panel to open for convenient and easy access to the high-temperature cast solder pot.

The upgraded model of the 250C includes a spray flux unit (shown here with its vent) in addition to the foam fluxer, and a PC with touch-screen controls.


The upgraded 250C, with door open, showing the optional touch-screen computer controller (right). Below the touch-screen are the conveyor speed adjuster and the solder pot wave adjuster.


Turning the removable handle (L) manually controls the position of the solder pot once the rear door is opened, allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


The finger conveyor (R, inlet with the adjust handle below), accepts differing board widths. It can be easily raised or lowered by means of the manual wheel under the rail (L) at the other end.